Vertical Video 2.0 Ads from AdSpruce Change the Game for User-Initiated Full-Screen Engagement

AdSpruce now deliver full-screen ads that won’t tilt or re-orientate a user’s device, capitalising on the vertical content trend on mobile.

AdSpruce, international leaders in mobile video advertising, now deliver Vertical Video 2.0 ads to the mobile web. Advertisers can maximise their campaigns using the full scale of the mobile device screen. Vertical Video 2.0 capitalises on the current smartphone market, with users more likely to be holding their phone vertically to consume content. Adspruce’s Vertical Video 2.0 ads provide a user-friendly experience that doesn’t tilt or re-orientate the user’s device.

With the ability to deliver Vertical Video 2.0 ads, AdSpruce offers advertisers and brands a solution for campaigns to be designed with the current user trend of vertical content consumption in mind. Vertical Video 2.0 has already been used for several campaigns in which an advertiser wanted to utilise the full scale of the user’s mobile device to capture their attention.

AdSpruce CEO Ian Mullins said, “In today’s scroll-happy mobile web surfing experience, grabbing a user’s attention is vital to advertising success. We’ve developed what I believe is one of the most eye-catching, engaging and interactive ad formats on the planet. Combined with our adserver that reaches more mobile devices than anyone else and our creative studio that develops beautiful ad creatives our Vertical Video 2.0 solution changes the game for full-screen interactivity on mobile phones.”

Vertical Video 2.0 can deliver much more than just video to the user. An advertiser is able to add other features to the ad to help increase engagement and performance. Additional features that can be added to Vertical Video 2.0 include a Swipe-to-Engage feature at the start of the ad, Animated Takeover end cards that can feature multiple click options, as well as click options throughout the Vertical Video itself. These and lots of other bespoke features can be added to the ad, all made by AdSpruce’s HTML5 Ad Studio creative team.

Part of the AdSpruce HTML5 Ad Studio, Vertical Video 2.0 is just one of many new and exciting interactive ad types AdSpruce offers advertisers. Through HTML5 Ad Studio, AdSpruce has massively upgraded its rich-media and video ad offering, providing brands and agencies with dynamic, interactive creatives that engage users in fresh new ways on the mobile web.

AdSpruce delivers over 100 million video and rich-media ads every month in emerging markets using its own proprietary video delivery infrastructure and has a rapidly growing network of premium video publishers across the world. AdSpruce has an impressive mobile video and rich media programmatic platform and world-leading outstream, in-stream, interstitial and HTML5 ad units. To find out more about AdSpruce’s mobile video advertising capabilities, visit the website at


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