5 Mobile Marketing Tips Every Marketer Should Know

5 mobile marketing tips that every marketer needs to remember when creating content for mobile.


Mobile Marketing means more than just apps.

This is a pivotal year for mobile. Technology is changing pace rapidly and new solutions and formats are constantly being released. One thing is for sure though, marketers need to keep hold of that metaphorical ball and stay on top of industry changes to ensure their campaigns are optimised for maximum impact.

If you have yet to dip your toes in the ocean sized pool of mobile marketing then today is the day to seize your arm bands and goggles and jump right in. Statistics show that the time spent using mobile phones is growing worldwide, and if you leave it too late to get involved your competitors will be milestones ahead whilst you’re left lagging behind.

1. Optimise your content

We exist in a world that uses multiple screens. Tablets, desktop PCs, laptops, feature phones, mobiles and connected TV’s. Consumers use multiple devices throughout their day which is why it’s important to optimise your content for any screen. This is called responsive web design and basically it alters your website or content to fit the size of the screen it is being used on. Just remember though, when using mobiles consumers don’t want to read pages and pages of text, nor do they want to look at huge images or extensively long videos. Keep things simple and precise.

2. All Thumbs

When using a smartphone device, the average adult finger covers about 45 pixels per tap. We all know there is nothing more frustrating than when buttons are placed too close together on an app or website and you keep tapping the wrong one by accident. To minimize these occurrences try allotting 15 pixels of padding. According to World Data, mobile websites that were optimised for these tap errors saw a 32% higher conversion rate.

3. Big CTAs

Make sure your calls to action stand out from your content. When you are viewing a page on a mobile screen it is easy for your CTA to get lost, especially if your audience has to scroll around the page to read your content.

4. Load Time

A study by Kissmetrics noted that if a website takes more than three seconds to load then 40% of mobile users will abandon it. As mentioned earlier, large images are not great for mobile consumption and neither are lengthy videos. If you do want to include a video try to keep it less than three minutes in length.

5. The Golden Rule

Test, test and test again. You want to make sure there are no barriers to consumers making a completion so the only way to eliminate any potential problems is to try the process out for yourself. You can also use programs such as Litmus which enables you to preview what your landing page or e-mail will look like on several different devices.

So there you have our top five tips for mobile marketing. If you need any more tips or advice on mobile marketing why not get in touch with us at Ad Spruce to see how we can help.

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