Ad Spend on Mobile Now Larger Than Desktop

The rise of mobile Advertising is continuing as the IAB UK announced today that spend on mobile ads has overtaken desktop ad spend.


Other fascinating facts from the IAB include that women spend more time on the internet on their mobiles, rather than desktop. And youngsters aged 18-24 also spend more time on their mobiles than on a laptop or desktop PC.

Advertisers spent a massive £802million on mobile advertising in the first half of 2016, while they spent £762million on desktop advertising. Spend on video ads for mobile also increased dramatically up 129%, due in force to the rise in people watching TV, films and other videos on their smartphones more regularly.

Social Media dominates the preferred destination for these advertisers, with a growth of 64% this year for the social sites on mobile devices.

Consumer goods brands – such as food, toiletries and clothing – spent the most on display ads (e.g. banners and video), responsible for 18.3% of spend, followed by travel & transport (16.4%) and automotive (11.7%).

This rise in mobile ad spend firmly establishes mobile as a legitimate, primary ad medium. Other astounding figures in the IAB UK report state that YouGov discovered that 82% of people check their devices within an hour of waking up. The number increases to 86% with 18-34s checking their smartphone within the first 30 minutes of waking up.


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