Half of Young People Are Watching Mobile Video Daily

Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat. What they all have in common is that 50% or more of US young people now watch some form of mobile video on their phone daily. eMarketer, via Sharethrough revealed that of the 300 18-20-year-olds they asked, 58% of them said they watched video on their mobile on Facebook. The same percentage also said they watched Youtube daily on their mobile too. 50% said they watched video on Snapchat every day too.

They aren’t the only three apps getting all the mobile video views though; Instagram boasts an impressive 42% of young people watching. And Twitter: 24% of young people watch mobile video every day on the platform.



Although TV remains the most watched medium for video, with half of all video watching happening on TV, the attitudes towards video watching are shifting. Smartphone and tablet viewing comprises most of the other half with Smartphones themselves taking up 22% of people’s viewing time. With the increase in smartphones, both in terms of availability and usage, video habits are moving to mobile. It is easier than ever before to watch video on your mobile.

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Source: eMarketer


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