Online video has seen online publishers generate 20% more revenue, according to the Association of Online Publishers (AOP) and Deloitte’s Q4 Digital Publishers Revenue Index Report.

This comes as no surprise. Online video has been growing substantially for the past few years and is now the fastest growing ad format. Last year, online video grew 34% to reach nearly $11 billion (Zenith Optimedia, 2015). The massive growth of online video is set to contribute to the growth of digital advertising as a whole, boosting digital advertising by 4.4% as more and more advertisers shift away from traditional means of advertising like TV and print.

Mobile Video

A large proportion of the growth in online video and subsequently the rise in publisher revenue can be contributed to mobile. Zenith Optimedia have recently reported that mobile video has increased publisher revenue by 78%!

Quite simply, mobile video viewing is sky-rocketing due to more advanced smartphones, bigger screen sizes and faster networks. Mobile and tablet video viewing represents a third of all online video plays and by 2016, mobile will make up more than half of all online views (Ooyala, 2014).

More people are viewing video both online via desktops and on the mobile web, meaning that there are more opportunities for video advertising on publishers’ mobile websites and therefore more ad impressions to be seen. Ooyala (2014) found that after desktop, the majority of video ad impressions came from mobile. More specifically, they also found that 35% of all online ad impressions for publishers come from mobile and tablets.

Monetising mobile with video

This increase in publisher revenue is therefore understandable and it is fair to say that the more online and mobile video grows, the more publishers will earn. By allowing video ad formats on your mobile website or app you are essentially opening up opportunities to increase your ROI.

Mobile Video Growth

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Many publishers can be put off by the idea of monetising their mobile website due to mobile ads being regarded as intrusive, ugly and affecting the user experience. Not only that, traditionally, the monetisation of web traffic has been a difficult task. However, mobile advertising has come a long way. Mobile technology has greatly advanced, smartphones have improved and the ability to measure the results of mobile advertising has been introduced. Alongside these developments, ad networks have developed creative mobile ad formats compared to dated pop-ups and static banner ads.

Creative ad formats

Take AdSpruce, for example. Offering premium video advertising across all platforms from smartphones, tablets and even feature phones, AdSpruce has a range of video ad formats to help monetise your mobile website effectively.

With ad formats such as video banner, you can monetise any link on any mobile webpage. Video Banner is attractive to publishers in the way in which it doesn’t dominate the webpage or ruin the user experience but allows for high-impact, interactive advertising. AdSpruce also offers pre-roll video advertising which allows publishers who have video content on their websites to effectively monetise and make the most from their valuable content.

By selecting an ad network like AdSpruce to monetise your mobile website you also have the ability to reach an audience you could not otherwise reach due to AdSpruce’s unique SDK which serves mobile ads on a range of feature phones. You therefore have the ability to create new and highly profitable revenue from a previously unmonetised audience.

With the results of the latest report from Zenith Optimedia stating that online and mobile publishers’ revenues are increasing due to the use of video and video advertising, publishers who haven’t monetised their wesbites are missing out on substantial revenue. By signing up as a publisher with AdSpruce, you can monetise your mobile website exactly as you want to, chosing the types of ad you show and where you show them.

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