Some of the most successful adverts of all time have been interactive, engaging adverts. If they are done well, they are often some of the most memorable ads. Whether it’s a great mobile ad, or an interactive YouTube ad, we love seeing and interacting with these great commercials.

The sense of wonder and excitement are what the ads we’ve listed below are all about, and they seem to be key when creating a memorable interactive advertising campaign. Making sure the user has a fun experience will leave a much better impression of your brand. Here are the top interactive ads we’ve ever seen.

Hot Wheels Custom Motors Campaign

Making the most of YouTube’s annotations feature, Hot Wheels launched this clever interactive game where you customise and race their toy cars. By choosing different options and cars, this interactive ad plays out differently each time.

Coca Cola ‘Drinkable’ Campaign

2015 saw Coca Cola launch an interactive campaign that claimed to be ‘drinkable’. By discovering TV ads, mobile ads, billboards, magazine ads and using the Shazam mobile app, users were able to interact with the various adverts and, eventually, get a free Coke Zero.

Boursin VR Campaign

Virtual reality is set to be the next step in the way we watch TV, play games and even receive ads. Boursin, a soft cheese company, saw the potential of this emerging technology and launched one of the best examples of 360 degree VR advertising to date. Taking you on whimsical tour of a fridge, complete with Boursin cheeses, wine and other fancy treats.

Reebok Speed Camera Campaign

In 2016, Reebok launched an interesting and healthy campaign in the streets of Stockholm. They installed a speed camera and a locked display case with their new ZPump trainers. The exercise was simple, if you ran fast enough, the display case opened, and you got a free pair of high tech trainers.

Volkswagen Park Assist Campaign

Volkswagen launched a cool interactive ad in 2012, that showed off their new cars’ self-parking ability. The ad, which played out like a game, needed the user to highlight points on the screen where the car should park.


There’s a few of the most impressive and coolest interactive adverts we’ve ever seen. Getting a user engaged and involved is one of the most important aspects of advertising. An eye catching, intriguing campaign could set your brand apart from the rest.

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