Take Advantage of Mobile Traffic – Read These Top Tips

The mobile web  is huge. More advanced mobile technology, the boom of smartphones and faster connection speeds have changed the way in which consumers ingest online content in recent years.  Gone are the days of surfing the world wide web on a dial-up connection. Nowadays, the internet is available at the tips of your fingers whenever and wherever you need it.

There is no doubt that the internet landscape has changed. We are in an age where mobile internet browsing is on the rise, with a quarter of total internet usage now coming from mobile devices (KPCB, 2014). In a few years, mobile internet browsing is expected to outpace desktop browsing!  A webpage is commonplace with any company, business or publisher in this day and age but with the rise of mobile internet usage, a mobile website is also key in reaching the widest consumer base possible.  Slowly but surely, businesses are starting to realise the benefits of having a mobile website, with 64% of the top 100 brand sites in the UK having a mobile-optimised website. Not only is a mobile website great for enhancing consumer satisfaction and experience, it is also a great way in which you can create revenue without too much effort.

So how can you monetise your mobile website I hear you all eagerly ask? Basically, website monetisation is making money from the users that visit your mobile website. We have come up with some factors you should take into account when you want to create revenue from your mobile website!

1) How much traffic do you get? 

In order to see this, you might consider setting your site up with something like Google Analytics, or similar that allows you to see how much mobile traffic you get. After seeing this number, and some of the other facts and numbers that Google Analytics provide, such as bounce rate, page views, etc, you can determine how monetisable your traffic is.

2) What type of traffic do you get?

Once you’ve established how much your traffic your mobile site gets, you can start to look into where your traffic comes from, what devices and OS systems, and more. You can start to tailor your ads towards specific geos. Working out where your audience is from and other factors about them will enable you to choose adverts that will be of more interest to them, thus increasing the chance of monetisation.

3) Choose the network that’s right for you

This is the next important tip, as picking the right ad network is the key for a profitable relationship. These are some questions you should ask yourself and the network before you enter a relationship with them: What is their index of clients like? What is their company vision? Do they offer you value as a publisher? Make sure you have the answers before proceeding into a business relationship with them.

At AdSpruce, we know that this can be the most important decision you make when you are trying to monetise your website. We pride ourselves on offering a hassle-free experience so you can carry on making exciting content and keeping your website great; we want to help you make the most money from your website.

4) Make sure your website is mobile friendly

You can do that here. Making sure your website is mobile friendly is key to monetising your traffic. A well presented, well-made mobile website will be more likely to retain users onto the site longer, thus generating more opportunities to show that user ads.


It takes time to optimise an monetisation strategy. But if you combine the other four tips, you’ll find that time is reduced. If you have a great website with great content, it could only be a matter of time before the right monetisation strategy is found and you start to see a revenue stream created from your mobile traffic.

As mobile traffic around the world increases year on year, making sure you monetise your mobile website correctly will be ever more important as a revenue stream for your business or website. Taking the time to review your mobile strategy, and using these tips will help ensure you’re taking advantage of your mobile traffic.

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